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MIC Nordic’s business idea is to provide the market with products and solutions for effective wireless communications in multi indoor environments. The company was founded in 2007 and since then we have focused on solving the problems of poor mobile coverage indoors with producing the right solutions.

Working with us means being a part of the future! We are one of the fastest growing companies in this industry and have the ambition to be one of Sweden’s gazelle companies; a successful company with growth, future prospects and continued great development opportunities for products and services.

At the forefront of technology

Within the company we have specialist knowledge of all technologies used in wireless communications. At MIC Nordic we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of developments in this field of technology.

To achieve this we work closely with Wireless@KTH offering students the possibility of research and development projects as well as thesis work. We are actively involved in industry issues, trends, and product development. At MIC Nordic we also hold our own courses and lectures and participate in ongoing research and the evaluation of new industry related technologies.

Wide contact network

Within the company today there are service technicians and engineers working some of whom also have a master’s degree together with research backgrounds.

We very willingly initiate new research projects and each year students doing exam thesis work link up with us working with the development projects that the company are currently involved in.

The company has a very wide contact network within our branch and value the close working cooperation we have with our subcontractors. MIC Nordic operates in the Nordic countries with its headquarters based in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden the global hub of mobile communications research and development in telecommunication.

Safe assignments

The company’s employees are certified and have the necessary licenses and the safety training required to work for example on railway tracks, near power lines, on masts or any other environments that demands training in order to be on site and staying safe.