More and more people are using smartphones and want faster connectivity and networks. This requires more signal strength and better wireless bandwidth. At the same time new buildings construction techniques give poor mobile coverage inside our properties. It is these techniques and inferior phone antennas, combined with the demands for higher data rates all contribute to many coverage problems.

A built-in problem

Modern windows have a protective very fine almost invisible metal layer between the glass to save energy. At the same time this impairs cellular signals indoors. Even walls cause causing attenuation mobile phone signal strength. An insulated wooden wall absorbs about 90 percent of radio waves. A concrete wall with embedded steel mesh blocks even more. Then on top of this, if the window frames and sashes are also made of aluminum or steel it will be a real tough task for the mobile signals to pass through. Well at least not without reinforcement!

Internal mobile network

In order to create better mobile coverage indoors , MIC Nordic build their own internal mobile networks , inside under the roof. It strengthens the signals indoors and enables mobile communications, even if the house has low energy windows, located underground, or if there are other obstacles that weaken signals.

3G repeaters and 2 x 2 MIMO

The products we sell are often included in the services we offer. Our own internal mobile network is such an example . We also sell 3G repeaters and are constantly looking for new technologies and smart solutions. A new active antenna system that we use is 2 x 2 MIMO – multiple input, multiple outputs. With multiple transmitters and multiple receivers in the same case, we can increase the capacity significantly. We have installed this solution in several projects, amongst others in the very modern new bank headquarters of Swedbank in the town of Sundbyberg, Stockholm.

Reduces radiation

An internal mobile network also reduces the radiation from mobile phones. When the mobile signals do not have to fight their way to pass through the outer walls the output power from the phone is reduced, it can then transmit at a lower power giving longer battery time and help to save the environment.

In large buildings with many apartments this type of problem is often experienced with indoor mobile coverage. We measure the mobile signals in newly constructed and renovated residential properties and customize the right solutions for just this type of problem.