Celtic Next

MIC Nordic participates in Celtic-Next project A5GARD

Today´s telecommunication industry focuses increasingly on machines and their future needs. With this project, we focus on telecommunications for humans, in and around the home, and on human-machine interactions. In particular, we innovate and influence standardization and development of telecommunications to support new services with technology-based self-care for chronically ill elderly as a use case.

More and more services will be consumed in and around the home. An increasing amount of entertainment, social activities and shopping takes place there, and also includes work, democratic processes and health care. It is of paramount importance that the telecommunications infrastructure of the homes is shaped so that it can carry these services. While not losing sight on the plurality of future services, we have chosen to focus on healthcare as a primary use case, in particular, rural healthcare for the chronically ill elderly. These services are emotionally engaging, economically important and technically challenging.

The project brings together expertise from optical networks, 4G and 5G mobile communications, Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as in-home and copper communications. The project team is experienced and participates in standards activities.