It took just under a month from when Mats Larsson and Tord Sjölund met for the first time until the company MIC Nordic began operations. It was in June 2007 and the idea was that they, along with two companions, would become wholesalers for GSM and mobile telephony, where sales of components would be a part of this business. Wholesale thoughts were fairly quickly abandoned and the focus was instead to provide solutions and services for mobile indoor communications.

Solid foundation

Mats Larsson has his career background in manufacturing. He has worked with developing some niche products and specialty equipment where the focus has been on security solutions for police and the so-called public safety.  Tord Sjölund has an engineering and research background as well as many years experience from the mobile operator side and Telia.

Total solutions for mobile indoor coverage

There was really no time in pursuing to be a wholesaler and when Mats Larsson made this new career decision his previous customers quickly made contact with him requesting the need for complete solutions that would give good indoor mobile phone coverage. Transport Administration were one of the first big customers. Mats Larsson and Tord Sjölund are joint owners of MIC Nordic and have worked with total solutions for mobile indoor coverage since the beginning.

Rapid growth

MIC Nordic has had a strong business growth. Their first premises in Rotsunda became too small and in 2010 the company moved to Kista, Stockholm the hub of the telecom industry.

Since then the company has tripled the number of employees and had a constant increasing turnover. The company has grown over the years and today is an important business partner to many large telecom companies. MIC Nordic has a wide network of dealers across the country and the company’s customers include companies, corporate organizations and government agencies.

The MIC Nordic blue and black logo is easily recognized and very noticeable on the  black company vans which are often seen in traffic on the way to a project, a customer meeting or a sales task somewhere.

A part of the future

MIC Nordic specializes in mobile indoor coverage. Just as new technologies are constantly demanding higher bandwidth speeds and most new properties are built with technology that slows the network signals all adds up to that our future looks very good. The company’s specialist knowledge, technical innovation and products to improve indoor coverage will continue to have a huge demand on the market.

About 80 percent of all mobile communication occurs indoors, where coverage is most inferior. It is an area where MIC Nordic can offer competitive services and sought after solutions. At the same time it is a very strong inspiration factor for the future. MIC Nordic has taken a clear role in the development of new solutions and are often invited to discussions with for example Post and Telecom Agency  and also as project members along with the Wireless @ KTH and other powerful players in the future development of mobile communications.