MIC Nordic provide good mobile coverage on trains, in boats, in community housing, residential homes, in cars, in hospitals and for emergency and rescue services – yes actually wherever better indoor coverage is needed under a roof. 

Here a just a small selection of our projects.

Swedbank: MIC Nordic is currently building Sweden’s most complex and largest indoor communication system to Swedbank’s very modern, new headquarters in Sundbyberg, Stockholm.  The building will contain and support most of what is relevant to mobile phones, all telecom operators, all frequency bands and technologies.

RAKEL mobile phones: A large part of our work concerns projects for community-support activities, such as public safety operations, healthcare facilities, defense and correctional services.
In such projects it means we have to ensure that RAKEL, the robust radio communication system they use, works, even when everything else in the society fails to operate and that anyone who uses RAKEL really can be accessed when needed.

Danderyd Hospital:  In hospital environments it can be difficult with good mobile telephone signals for indoor coverage. MIC Nordic has installed amplifiers in all the buildings of Danderyd Hospital which is one of the major acute hospitals in Sweden and Europe’s largest maternity hospital.

Friends Arena: In major sports arenas and other facilities where many people gather together at the same time it is critical that security systems work. Police and emergency services who use RAKEL mobile phones must at all times be able to communicate. At the Friends Arena, we have secured coverage for these services and therefore helped to make the stadium safer for all those who visit.

Note: Friends Arena, is the newly opened football national arena of Sweden, situated in Solna, just north of Stockholm City Centre.

Round Gotland: Sometimes we have projects that may not have the same social benefits that we implement them in hospitals, stadiums and for the emergency services, but are still interesting for our area of competence. When the Gotland Runt was held in 2013 we secured via WLAN that the sailing boats could have access to constantly updated navigational charts and maps.