Our core values are to provide a safe and secure workplace where work is stimulating and rewarding. Working environments should be without risks to ensure our employees will not be injured during their work. All of our employees undergo the safety training and hold the necessary certificates and licenses required to allow them to work in environments that have certain risks if special training was not carried out. Such environments are rail tracks, running tunnels and high masts etc

Customer and employee satisfaction

We are a customer focused company working constantly on improvements in purposeful and proactive ways to ensure client satisfaction.  Just as important as satisfied customers are motivated employees. It should be fun to go to work and management encourages exercise and physical health to maintain a healthy company culture and that each employee should be happy and enjoy the job.

Involved in industry issues 

We are also a company that engages in industry issues and entrepreneurship. We are members of the SmallBusiness OperatorsAssociation and those industry associations covering just our field of business. Our CEO Mats Larsson is on the board of directors for one of these associations; SKEF – Sweden’s Communications Electronics Entrepreneurs Association, a trade association of retailers and vendors targeted at professional users of wireless communications.

Environment and Quality

The company has explicit policies regarding environmental issues, safety, quality and health. We have zero tolerance for drugs, our cars are fitted with alcohol ignition interlock device and electronic driver log book.

We recycle our waste material and our environmental policy follows the guidelines of ISO 14000. This is in order to integrate environmental considerations, quality and cost effectiveness as a natural part of all company activities.

We even work according to the quality standard ISO 9001 with the aim to be certified according to this standard.

Socially engaged

MIC Nordic also has a genuine commitment to social issues and supports several charity enterprises, many focusing on children’s rights and opportunities for a decent life.

SKEF  Transq Qualified  Vi är ett kreditvärdigt företag enligt Soliditets värderingssystem som baserar sig på en mängd olika beslutsregler. Denna uppgift är alltid aktuell, informationen uppdateras dagligen via Soliditets databas.  Våga börja prata