Danderyds Hospital

 12 June, 2014

fr Thomas_sign 200pixMIC Nordic completed the extensive installation for indoor coverage of TETRA radio systems and mobile telephony in Danderyds Hospital during the Spring of 2014. The contract has been implemented as a turnkey contract covering a building area of ​​approximately 155,000 m², installing and delivering a multi-operator indoor network for TETRA, 3G and 4G.

Background: Danderyds Hospital is one of the major acute hospitals in Sweden and is also one of Europe’s largest maternity hospitals. The hospital has a catchment population of ​​450 000 inhabitants. There are over 3600 employees and the hospital has about 530 beds. The number of visitors per day is between 3-4000 people.

Challenge: To create a dependable and effective mobile network for TETRA, 3G and 4G in all of the separate hospital buildings. The mobile coverage area incorporated 31 buildings and the culvert system within Danderyds large hospital complex. In this way, the hospital’s technical security increases while patients and visitors can use mobile telephones for all operators.

Schedule: Spring 2014

Solution: Install and supply an indoor network for TETRA, 3G and 4G using a fibre-fed active distributed antenna system (DAS).
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The radio system consists of a master unit (MU), fibre-fed repeaters and a passive coaxial cable antenna network. The mobile operators’ base stations and a channel selective repeater for the TETRA public safety network are connected to the MU. The signals from the different systems are combined and optically distributed via fiber to remote units positioned in the hospital.

The remotes convert the optical signal and distribute it to separate power amplifiers for TETRA, 3G and 4G. The amplified signals are combined and sent out to the antenna network.

Comment from the customer about the project.

Senior Project Manager, Kerstin Paulson
Locum AB (Property Managers of Danderyds Hospital)

“The partnership with MIC Nordic has worked very well in the project.”