Relaxing after a day moving

Well functioning mobile phones, broadband and wireless devices working well are something we should be able to take for granted when we move into a new built apartment.
But unfortunately it is more common today that the wireless communication does not work to the standard we expect.

With new construction, as well as the renovation of older houses modern energy-efficient windows are often used. This contributes to good environmental and energy saving but at the same time the biggest obstacle that obstructs signals passing through the building is the almost invisible metal layers between the glass in modern windows.

MIC Nordic has a number of projects that are focused on strengthening indoor coverage for mobile networks. The company has developed its own internal network that solves this type of problemthat and can be easily installed in larger residential and office buildings.

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Preferably from the beginning

MIC Nordic is always happy to be involved at the early planning stage of new buildings or renovation projects. In this way we can help to ensure that the correct measures for improved signal quality are implemented before the buildings are completed, which will be beneficial for all parties.