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It is good to sit in a car when there is thunder with lightning outside. The car works like a steel cage that effectively keeps lightning outside. Unfortunately, this steel cage even keeps mobile signals out. To allow mobile communications to and from cars amplifiers are needed and this is something that MIC Nordic can provide.


A train is really quite an impossible environment for mobile signals to pass through. Moving train carriages in metal, with windows that have an invisible metal film to protect against sun therefore demand amplification with repeaters to enable the signals to cope with getting through. When SJ adapted X2000 trains for mobile telephones, repeaters where needed inside each carriage, with antennas where also required on both the inside and outside of the train carriages.

Onboard the train even communication between the driver and the train control system has to function well, as indeed it does also between the driver and the operational staff. For these purposes a mobile phone standard GSM-R, which is specifically adapted to trains is used. To ensure GSM-R will not be disturbed by signals from 3G and 4G networks MIC Nordic have developed a filter that saves and protects GSM-R frequency from signal interference on 900 MHz.

Boats/ Ships

WLAN is a standard technology for building wireless networks without cables. Together with a router it can handle wireless internet connection from boats. During one of the famous Round Gotland races MIC Nordic contributed with deployments of WLAN on participating boats to enable them amongst other things to have access to updated maps and charts throughout the competition. MIC Nordic has several different solutions for the marine, maritime rescue and shipping in general. Contact us for more information.

Military vehicles

In the armed forces RAKEL mobile phones are used. This communication system is specifically designed to function in crisis situations when all other systems fail to work. Military vehicles of various kinds are often armored and reinforced in a steel structure. This means that when anyone with a mobile phone or RAKEL mobile sitting inside an armored vehicle that isn´t fitted with an amplifier the mobile signals are unable to pass through.

Special vehicles

These are the vehicles where the actual structure may be an obstacle for radio waves to pass through. MIC Nordic has great experience in improving this condition for mobile communication in these types of vehicles. Contact us for more information.


Wireless networks and free Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly common even on buses. In buses it is WLAN solutions that are necessary. Contact MIC Nordic for more information.