MIC Nordic’s strength is that we can be involved all the way, from the feasibility study through to the end monitoring and support of a delivered system.

We sell solutions that include both hardware and services to small, medium and large business and have developed solutions specifically to create reliable, dependable and well functioning indoor mobile networks.

MIC360 products

We have our own range of high quality antennas and passive components. Please contact us for more information.

Products MIC360

Quality and knowledge

Among the services we provide are the initial feasibility study, design and project engineering, deployment, service and support. See more information here.

The products offered in our range stand for everything that we ourselves and the market demand and are committed to; reliability, performance and quality. All our products meet the environmental requirements and are both CE approval and RoHS compliant according to the EU directive prohibiting or restricting the use of certain heavy metals and flame retardants in electrical and electronic products in the market. We have solutions where all technologies are integrated, ranging from FM radio to 4G, including Wireless LAN; customizing our solutions to meet each customer’s specific needs. See more about the different mobile standards here.

MIC Nordic work within many different types of indoor coverage areas. To name just a few, we have helped mobile systems operate in public critical environments, made sure train drivers can communicate with the control system ERTMS , ensured that there is coverage for mobile phones in tunnels and garages and also made it possible for the competitors of the Round Gotland race to have continuous access to updated navigation charts during sailing. But actually we have also done so much more. Right now we are building the extensive indoor coverage infrastructure inside the new and very modern headquarters of Swedbank in the town of Sundbyberg, Stockholm. Here you’ll find some of our projects.

Contact us and we will go through with you just what products your specific project needs.