We deliver solutions including both hardware and services, quick and cost efficient without ever compromising the quality.


MIC Nordic delivers solutions that include both services and hardware quick and cost efficiently without ever compromising the quality. We want to be involved throughout the entire project, from the feasibility study to operation and monitoring. MIC Nordic also assists with the administration and necessary application forms required for the permission of using repeaters.


Included in our work:


Feasibility study – Our contribution will be even more beneficial the sooner we can be involved in the planning stages of new buildings or renovations.


Planning and design – We customise solutions according to environment and needs in order to plan the placement of equipment and design of the final product.


Installation and deployment – MIC Nordic’s installation engineers are specialists at creating products and finding solutions. We install, test, verify and ensure that everything works as intended.


Consultation – We supply consultation services for our customers.


Monitoring – We offer the responsibility for monitoring the system once everything is installed and ready for use.


Service, operations and maintenance – We will continuously remain responsible and for the maintenance as well.


Support – Our customers are of most importance to us, which means that we will always available whenever you need us.